Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hong Kong with Jo (Part 3) feat. Ocean Park

Now to continue part 3 of my Hong Kong trip with Jo (:
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15 May 2014 (Day Three)
Day Three in Hong Kong was mainly spent in Ocean Park, an animal theme park cum oceanarium. Prior to this trip, Jo and i were asking a few of my friends on their personal opinions on the theme park and many of them actually said they preferred the Ocean Park over Disneyland. As such, i wanted to visit it for myself. After all, i love the ocean and i thought it would be interesting to see what it has to offer (: So yes, Ocean park here we go!

Collected our Ocean Park tickets (: Bought the tickets online before flying over and it saved us the hassle of having to queue up!

DSC01336-001The first thing we did when we entered the theme park was to get ourselves a map. Started planning our route and it was then did i realize how HUGE ocean park is. Covering an area of 91.5 hectares, the park is an entire island on its own! It is separated by a large mountain into two areas namely The Summit (Headland) and The Waterfront (Lowland). Jojo had visited Ocean Park twice before, and it still wasn't enough to finish exploring every part of it. For those of you who are rushing for time and want to enjoy the best parts of Ocean Park, i would recommend you to head to the Headland first (: It consists most of the fun rides and marine-themed exhibitions. Most of our time was spent there and i had so much fun!

The Headland can be divided into several sections namely the Marine World, Thrill Mountain, Adventure Land, Polar Adventure and The Rainforest. Because Jo and i were in for some thrilling rides, we decided to head to Thrill Mountain first.
DSC01342-001Took The Ocean Express funicular railway to the Headland, and headed straight to Thrill Mountain!
DSC01345-001DSC01346-001DSC01348-001DSC01350-001Thrill mountain is a carnival themed area where most of Ocean Park's fun rides and games booths are. Some of the highlights of this place include the Hair Raiser (omggg i didn't dare take this ride- it's the fastest roller coaster in Hong Kong!), Whirly Bird (shown in the pictures above), The Flash and Rev Booster.

Omg. All i can say is.... I nearly died.

To put matters into context: I have never sat on a real roller coaster before. The only ones i rode before were the ones from Escape Theme Park and maybe the kids one at Universal Studios Singapore. Hahah. As a child, i have always been the timid mouse of the family and i recall Australia days where my family would drag me up to sit those Wow Wow Wet boat plunge rides. I'd cry my way up and down because i was so afraid and it literally scarred me for life. HAHA. My younger sis, on the other hand, was the braver one and used to laugh at me for being such a coward. As such, being in a theme park with such thrilling rides did make me feel a little nervous.

However, because one of my goals this year is to be adventurous, i decided to push myself out of my comfort zone that day and went for the rides anyway!

Posted an instavideo awhile back on some of the rides i rode:
Whoohoo!! Felt so so proud of myself after that! Can you believe i sat on those rides????? To be honest, i'm still quite afraid most of the time, but the feeling of satisfaction i get from overcoming those rides despite the fear is something i'll never forget. Thanks Jo for being so mean and dragging me up those rides. Haha!!! (kidding, love you)
DSC01353-001After enjoying a series of rides, we decided to explore the game booths and have some cheap thrill over silly games. One of it being the "hammer-the-frog-into-the-leaf" game. Haha didn't take pictures of this but here's some lame videos we took:

Yay! Jojo scored!!! :)
Here's our pretty champion with her prize:
A hippo! (now named Humpo by a Hum/Shark- #insidejoke)
Had such a good laugh that i nearly cried laughing. Such crazy moments only happen with Jojo and i'm so grateful to be there with her right there and then.
After the game booths, it was time for lunch! Made our way to Tuxedos Restaurant :)
Read up about this restaurant prior to our trip and was feeling very excited to dine there because of the plain fact that we could dine with the penguins. Yes, you didn't hear wrongly: PENGUINS! :)

DSC01366-001Didn't take much pictures because i was too caught up with trying to video down these cute little creatures. Here's the instavideo i posted while i was there:
Jo and i were blessed to get good seats. We were seated just in front of the observation tank and it made us giggle to watch the penguins frolicking on ice as we ate.
DSC01369-001DSC01379-001Sadly though, despite the great dining atmosphere, the food wasn't exactly spectacular. To be honest, i had entered this restaurant with high expectations because we initially queued up for about 45 minutes before we actually got a seat. Looking at the food descriptions in the menu, i thought the food would be more "atas". However, it turned out to be very average. I felt that i was kinda eating finger food? Haha! I guess people come here mainly for an experience of dining close to the penguins. I admit i was kinda blown away to be so up close with the penguins. Overall, i would only recommend this place to penguin-lovers and families with kids.

After lunch, we continued our journey to the South Pole Spectacular area. If i remember vaguely, its an observation deck where you get to see more penguins and polar animals. Can't really remember because i was freezing so badly that we literally ran our way through the observation deck to get back out into the heat. (Sorry Jo for making you run with me!!) Hahaha!!

Anyway, before i continue with this post, here's presenting to you... our self-declared "see who pose the most realistically" competition. (Sorry i couldn't think of a better, more accurate title for this. Haha) Throughout the rest of the evening, we started doing what Jojopoop does best: Take pictures!!! Came up with this random silly photo competition where we started competing to see who posed better. Hahahahah! You shall see how lame it gets...
So... Jo insists that penguins should look sturdy and give a smirk. Whereas i insisted that penguins should look silly and cute (as shown in our poses above) ahhahaha!! So none of us won. (Random note: You should have seen how crazy we got debating to see who's the winner... It was hysterical. Hahah!) We ended up deciding that it was the penguin statue fault for not having any original expression. Haha!!!

So as we went on, i decided to give another penguin pose as shown below:DSC01492-001
Jo suddenly got very competitive that she:
a) dropped her bags and whatever she was carrying
b) climbed up
c) Started giving this stupid pose to resemble the sliding penguin behind who was on its belly
d) And to add on: Humpo had to pose along... -.-DSC01494-001
I told her... she might as well lie down on the floor and slide on her belly. HAHAHAHAHAH. but okay fine, one point goes to her for effort. *come i clap for you* hahahah!

So anyway, after our polar adventure, we decided to walk to the Old Hong Kong Street.
Old Hong Kong is a part of Ocean Park which resembles how the streets of Hong Kong looked like in the 50's-70's. Upon stepping into the area, i was immediately fascinated by the colourful and vibrant set up of the whole place. It felt like i was walking into those old school movies. I really enjoyed this area!
Okay let the photo competition continue!DSC01409-001DSC01413-001
Smelly fishies!

One big char siew pau for you!
Okay here's one of the most epic moments: Trying to act like an old granny at a fruit stall. I spent so much time trying to get a good shot to "submit". Hahah!
Yes, that's me, an ah mah of 60 years age. Hahah!

And as for Jo...she got it in two shots.
HAHAHA. #picoftheday #oldwomanmustsulksomuchmeh #emogirlforlifexxxx hahahahhaah

Anyway, this post is getting too long. Will continue on Ocean Park in part 4. Stay tuned!