Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hang in there, don't give up.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Reckless feat. BOHMFLAVA

- Photography by Katelyn Chua

Recently, i was interviewed for a feature and one of the questions required me to describe my personal fashion style. It took me quite awhile before i could come up with a proper answer because i realized i never had a specific style and what i wore largely depended on my mood.

On most days, my fashion style tends to be more on the feminine girly side, with lots of dresses, flare skirts, and light floral prints. If you haven't noticed by now, i have a mad love for pastels as well. However, there are many days in between where the mini tomboy in me decides to surface and that's where i opt for my favourite pair of denim shorts, a casual tee shirt and a snapback.

Today's feature showcases some items i personally kept from BOHMFLAVA's latest collection. It's definitely not the typical girly style i usually go for, but somehow, this resonates pretty well with the tomboy side of me! Felt so comfortable in it all day when i wore it to school yesterday and some of my friends actually told me they preferred this look. What do you girls think? :)

Anyway, these items i kept are from the Young & Reckless series. If you guys don't already know, they are a big L.A. based lifestyle streetwear label and has endorsements of Zac Efron, Lil Wayne, Lil Jon and other artistes. As such, when i received this email from BOHMFLAVA, their distributor in Singapore, i got very excited because i couldn't wait to put on these streetwear items which i know will be of great quality! I particularly love the OG Reckless Luxury Cap. If you observe closely, there are actually gold swirl details which i absolutely adore! (:

Here are the various links for you to start shopping: