Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hair Flaunt

FFK_2699 (3)
- Photography by Vivien Tan

Today's fashion feature showcases a lovely fitted dress exclusively designed by I love the unique "Color Run" print that they created for this dress- it resembles a less-edgier, more feminine version of a galaxy print! In addition, the black sleeve and waist details helps create a flattering illusion of a slimmer body.
This set of photos were taken about 3 months ago, just after i dyed my hair jet black. Looking back at these photos, i can't help recall how emotional i felt that day because of my new hair colour. To be honest, I was feeling pretty bumped because all along, i had always loved the shades of brown on my hair. To suddenly have my entire head dyed in such an extremely dark colour- i definitely wasn't used to it at first. 

Nonetheless, i've learnt to embrace the black on my hair over the past few weeks. It turned out that the black hair didn't look that bad in pictures and many of you have claimed that you actually prefer my black hair! Hehe :) So thank you for that :)

Anyway, now that it's been 3 months, my natural brown roots are growing out! The black isn't as harsh anymore as seen one of the recent pictures i posted on my Instagram (@elainejasmine_):

Not sure what to do with my hair from now, but lets see shall we? :)


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tamshui, Taiwan

As i lay awake tonight, i can't stop thinking about Taiwan.

It suddenly occurred to me that i never got down to blogging about my trip to Taiwan a few months ago. Somehow, a part of me couldn't bring myself to do so because deep down, i knew Gabe wanted to keep these memories alive and fresh in our hearts at its purest. Blogging about our entire trip day by day into pictures and words could never fully express every single emotion we felt while we were there. As much as i attempted to draft these posts down initially, i ended up deleting each blog draft because i knew that whatever i wrote would only be an understatement to the amazing experience i had there with the love of my life. Maybe i'll blog a full series of detailed posts on how i spent each day there in future, but not for now.

However, as i lay here in bed tonight, i suddenly felt the urge to look through some of the pictures we took there. As i did so, i immediately got reminded of how beautiful Taiwan was and a tiny part of me secretly wished that i could relive every single moment there. You know how in each of our lives, there is always that one special place that is filled with so much memories that what could have been an ordinary place to others can actually be so much more to you? I think Taiwan is that one special place in my life that i can never look back at it the same way again. And a large part of it is probably due to the fact that i visited this place with Gabe, and this two-weeks trip there made me more certain of why i decided to love this one man for the rest of my life.

Note: Haha i think i'm getting a little emotional-dramatic now as i type this (as i always do when i pour my heart out in a post as such), so excuse me as i wrap myself in my happy bubble. Lol.

Location: Fisherman's Whaft, Tamshui
(Pardon the slippers, it was raining so we gave up wearing nice shoes.)IMG_1610
As the sun set that evening, we took a boat down to the Lover's Bridge. Once there, we chanced upon a remarkable restaurant that served great food, as well as live music. It was cosy, comfortable, and as we ate there, Gabe and i couldn't help but enjoy the music that was being played by this man. He sang with so much emotion that it melted my heart. I knew Gabe felt the same way too because he stopped eating and just sat there, watching the man while humming along with him. Both of us were pretty touched by the end of it. After dinner, we spent the rest of the night walking around the pier and talking about our future. I loved that it wasn't so crowded that night, and it felt as if the whole world revolved around only Gabe and i at that instant. It was such a perfect night.

Gabe told me that it was, in his opinion, the most romantic date he ever had with anyone. And i couldn't agree more :')